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Healing from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia

Oct 1, 2019

Understanding and being able to witness the kind of anxiety we're expieriencing is the first step to addressing it and easing the symptom. Physical Anxiety types can be contributed to blood sugar issues, having a mitochondria crash, adrenal anxiety, or hormone issues. Anxiety triggered by emotional overwhelm can be caused by difficult life experiences, and current stressful situations can also be a contribution, or ongoing difficult emotional patterns that we are having trouble processing. Mental anxiety is when the mind is overstimulated and over activates the nervous system. Environmental anxiety can be caused by spending too much time in one place, or also can be caused by being overstimulated by busy or loud environments. Physical, environmental, emotional and mental anxiety patterns can be addressed in different ways, but are also often linked so starting with one tool may help if you're uncertain.